The intervention is racist racist racist. There, are you happy …

Comment on Pilger review: Greens strike back by Mark Lockyer.

The intervention is racist racist racist. There, are you happy now?

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Witness threatened at murder charge hearing: ‘You’ll be dead’
I remember when I was a kid getting off the school bus and saw the majority the inhabitants of the town camp intoxicated and fighting, most were from remote communities runing amuck in town.

Aboriginal men ‘need to reinvent’ themselves: forum
As an Indigenous man of central Australia I am well aware of the cultural and social issues that affect my people. Drugs and alcohol misuse, poor health, poor education and overcrowding housing are just a few issues. People abuse alcohol and drugs to escape their responsibilities of going to work or getting a job, keeping their homes and yards clean, getting up early to help get kids to school and buying food to feed themselves or their families.

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