The simple fact, proven over and over again, is that …

Comment on Indigenous education review: no more ‘biliteracy’; boarding for secondary students by George.

The simple fact, proven over and over again, is that boarding schools for children from remote Aboriginal communities are almost always a disaster, regardless of the usual cliches of community support etc.
Boarding school is often personally alienating and destructive for the child. The transitional colleges run by the NT Department were also a disaster. They created many more problems than they solved. The current proposal for boarding schools is simply going around the same discredited merry go round.

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Anderson on juvenile misery, delinquency: We’ll make a change
Once again we are seeing the consequences of a decade of policy failure, particularly at the Commonwealth level. The deliberate decision to never again build a new house on outstations, homelands and excision communities has fostered a population drift into Alice and other urban centres. This has been a deliberate and amazingly stupid policy. It is time to start reinvesting in bush communities and make them again viable places with a positive future. The Commonweallth has just poured money down the drain with its emphasis on town camps and a few arbitrarily chosen “growth towns”. Do they want to turn Alice into a new Soweto?

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