Kieran, I think the following article on the vine …

Comment on Cover-up: Australia’s or Pilger’s? by Sarah Thorne.

I think the following article on the vine gets to the heart of the matter and explains why the media and journalists such as you are so desperate to discredit Pilger and pick holes in the film.
As the article says: “Nobody likes having their dirty laundry aired”. I do not believe that you have managed to show any serious holes in Pilger’s film, not from lack of trying.
I think maybe you need to do more research yourself, particularly into Rottnest Island. I also believe that Pilger does not go into every detail and interrogate every claim his interviewees make because the material has been tested and reported elsewhere.
He does not go into the detail of every claim or every policy, initiative or community program. He is making a bigger statement and painting the picture. And it is this picture that you do not like.
You are trying to downplay the disadvantage and racism Aboriginal people suffer at the hands of successive governments. This is clear enough from your own bias in the Aboriginal people you listen to and the very pro Intervention and anti self-determination stance of this website and its columnists.
I know it is hard to hear it and see the world through the world’s lens but you have no choice.

Sarah Thorne Also Commented

Cover-up: Australia’s or Pilger’s?
What evidence do you have Kieren, that the claims Noel Nannup makes are untrue? What evidence do you have that 51 people did not die in those rooms? Is dying of disease not gruesome enough? 10% of the Rottnest inmates died of diseases and this is not shocking to you? You don’t think that the hotel should be upfront in telling tourists the history of where they are staying? Noel Nannup says that he feels degraded, that “we feel so traumatised about this”. In your witch-hunt of Pilger you have neglected all the Aboriginal people who have legitimate grievances and debase the pain that they have shared.

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Yes it shows … maybe to keep your bitterness exciting you could mix your cliches up a bit. Three “chip on the shoulders” in one (short) article may make you seem a bit lazy and somewhat ranty.

Let’s not allow Aboriginal recognition to be hijacked
Reading this Steve, someone might think you have a chip on your shoulder about “lefties”.

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