Found in the article referenced by Sarah Thorne on the …

Comment on Cover-up: Australia’s or Pilger’s? by Hal Duell.

Found in the article referenced by Sarah Thorne on the vine: It’s a tough message to hear, and there’s plenty of scope to argue with it when Pilger so obviously stacks the deck in his favour.
Would that include comparing a $30,000 a week rental property on the coast with a tin shed in the desert?
And, Australia is a racist apartheid nation where the rich … actively work to keep Aboriginals poor and marginalised.
I imagine Mr Pilger earned a pretty penny out of his film on those poor and marginalised Aborigines. Would I be correct in assuming that on his way back to London he donated the profits from the film Utopia to the housing authority on Utopia?

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Cover-up: Australia’s or Pilger’s?
@Domenico Pecorari
Posted February 14, 2014 at 5:51 pm
I strenuously disagree. The commentaries I have read concerning this film have not “in the main, smacked of a self-righteous, ethnocentric indignation that have, at their core, a blaming of the victim.”
Rather I think that the commentaries have, in the main, attempted to point out in disappointed frustration that that the film itself smacks of a self-righteous indignation that has, at its core, a desire to grandstand, to shine forth as the principal very-righteous-one.
Their point seems to be that a quite meaningful national debate is in danger of being high-jacked for reasons of personal aggrandizement.
Any commentary that blames the victim deserves to be ignored, as does any tendency to gorge on a victim, any victim, for personal glory.
I do agree that “Harmonious solutions will only come from a better understanding of the situation and through our being more honest with ourselves.”
Honesty being the key word here. From all I have read by Pilger over the years concerning the Intervention, true honesty, a fearless honesty that allows for both sides on an argument to make its case, has been an ingredient in short supply.

Cover-up: Australia’s or Pilger’s?
Posted February 14, 2014 at 11:47 am
It seems Pilger has been deploying his same bag of tricks with an article on Korea. You can read it at
Of special interest, if you do read it, are the comments at the bottom of the page.
I have to conclude that the man cannot be trusted to write an unbiased, not severely slanted article. His treatment of the Intervention is shameless. I know this from living here. About Korea, I am guided by his blotted copybook here, as well as by the comments I have mentioned.

Cover-up: Australia’s or Pilger’s?
How can anyone say Australia is trying to airbrush its past?
Have Pilger and his apologists not seen Rachel Perkins’ First Australians, as mentioned in the above article. Or watched Coniston, the most recent film on the Coniston Massacre by David Batty and Francis Jupurrula Kelly?
And how about some good news? How about Girls at the Centre, recently the subject of a story in the Murdoch press? Or the recent drive from all governments to raise the level of school attendance on remote communities? Why nothing on the work of the Clontarf Foundation, and the work it is doing in schools across Australia?
And the art, often referred to as the last great art movement of the 20th century. Not worth a mention?
Pilger seems to be motivated by his story, not the story of indigenous Australians, whether past or present.
By all means if you know something new, or think you do, such as what might have happened on Rottnest Island, get it out. But get it right. The country is full of fact-checkers these days.

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