I see people staggering out of the pubs at 2pm …

Comment on Alice grog source for huge region by Mark Lockyer.

I see people staggering out of the pubs at 2pm or earlier. The pubs are exploiting people on a daily basis who have alcohol problems by feeding them grog and causing more problems than they already have. Most of the people who are on Centrelink benefits are now unemployable due to their alcohol addiction.

Recent Comments by Mark Lockyer

‘Street kids of a kind we haven’t seen before’
Long-standing family feuds are at the root of some of the violence, as well as a lot of youth gang violence. Mostly Aboriginal kids are involved. They come into town from communities and have nowhere to go, so they stay on the streets – and what else is there to do?

Town camp review to have broad scope
Why doesn’t the government add onto the existing houses more bedrooms in town camps and remote communities.
The electricity and plumbing and structure are already there. This would be cheaper than building new housing.

Town camp review to have broad scope
They have and are fixing the town camps houses. Zodiac is doing a great job since they have started. My air condition and my stove have been fixed. We do not live in third world conditions. At least this inquiry into housing has got things going.

Town camp review to have broad scope
Aboriginal run organization that can’t do the job. It didn’t work. Help is needed for the first Australians to get out of their rut.

Town camp review to have broad scope
Perrule, are you Aboriginal? What town camp or remote community are you from?
We all create are own lives and are own choices. We live in a peaceful and safe country at the moment.
Take back your own power, free yourself. Stop being the victim.

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