IAD Café ‘temporarily’ closed



Sir – In response to recent media interest on the closure of the IAD Café, the board and management of the Institute of Aboriginal Development regrets to advise the general public that the IAD Café will be temporarily closed.


Following lengthy negotiations by the IAD management in trying to resolve outstanding lease issues, the institute has been given no other option but to serve a “notice to quit” on the tenant to vacate the Café by Friday 28 March 2014.


This comes after lease negotiations between the IAD and the Café tenant failed, as agreement to the satisfaction of both parties could not be reached.


Legal proceedings will be instigated to recover all outstanding rent and outgoings owed to the Institute.


The IAD wants a viable café to be available on its premises for customers in Alice Springs but any such café must be a commercially viable enterprise which does not impose a financial cost on IAD.


The IAD will shortly be calling for new expressions of interest to lease the café.


Patricia Turner


Institute for Aboriginal Development

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