I still believe that the police at the stores is …

Comment on Bottleshop cops deter grocery shoppers – claim by Kathy.

I still believe that the police at the stores is a good thing.
I can go to the store and get my milk and paper and not have a group of loud and threating people to confront to get into and out of the store.
People are respecting the police that are on patrol, both as customers to the store and the appreciation of piece of mind it gives users to the store.
Sally mentions a loss of customers. I for one do not think a separate entrance would make any difference, as I still go to the store feeling safe with the police presents, which was not there before.

Recent Comments by Kathy

Council says ‘no’ to government gallery offer
The Desert Park is the place with all the room and facilities available already.
Demolishing a functioning building in town so you can be on the main street of town is typical public servant thinking. No thought of the money involved or the tax payers’ imputes.
The government should be watching Rob Stitch in “Utopia” – an ABC program. This would be a classic episode for them.

Alice vs The Rock, at a glance
The heart of the Centre has been broken with big commercial industry like the big companies and government funding dominating the Alice.
No more face to face personalised service any more, but internet and communicating through Facebook and web sites for tours and accommodation.
This for booking is good, but some people like to communicate and ask those reassuring questions and little help they may need.
People not just money are the losers as are the small businesses in town that are feeling this very much.
As for Uncle Huck, this town now thrives on tourism and events that come to the Centre. Do not bite the hand that feeds you, mate.

Policing is still just a numbers game
If it was a murder, the police could get to the murderer. Why is the government not letting this also happen to offenders that continually endanger peoples lives by throwing stones at vehicles.
This has been happening for years, why do we not stop this?
Children, black, white or in-between, should all be responsible for this actions.
Parents of these kids should also be accountable for their loss of control of their kids and support the police in these matters that effect everyone in this town and its consequences.

Soy sauce now only from a bottlo
What is this Territory coming to? Do all stores that do not have a liquor licence now have to apply for one?
Talk about nanny state.

Alice vs The Rock, at a glance
All a big publicity stunt. Makes some do gooders feel good. You watch, with in a year or two, the Rock will be open to climb, but with another fee.
This is a joke and can be easily fixed. Customer service and face to face service would be a huge draw card for Alice Springs.
The Rock is so commercialised, and the service is something you would expect, but do not get for the price you pay for accommodation.
We travelled down in April and could not check in before 3:30pm and could not leave our luggage, so had to hang around the resort waiting.
After a long drive this is not acceptable.

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