“Assistant Commissioner Chalker replied that ‘we have and do charge …

Comment on Do police take action against carers of young delinquents? by David and Annette Carpenter.

“Assistant Commissioner Chalker replied that ‘we have and do charge people with the offence’ of failing to provide children with the necessities of life.
We asked him how many of these charges had been laid in Central Australia in the past five years, and how many have resulted in convictions. We will report his reply as soon as we receive it.”
Did I miss the report on his reply?

Recent Comments by David and Annette Carpenter

Cr Brown is the new Deputy Mayor
Re the cost of Christmas items: Cr Melky states “the Christmas tree cost of $60k is for the whole festival including fire works, entertainment, road blockade and so on, not just the tree”.
Page 25 of the current Municipal Plan lists the Christmas carnival and Christmas tree under separate account numbers.
The carnival (goes for four hours?) is costed at $57,689 this year, rising to $69,197 in three years’ time.
The tree is costed at $37,422 this year (which is approximately the rates income from 20 average residential properties) and projected to rise to $47,141 in 2018.
It does seem to be a particularly large recurrent expense / extravagance.

5% council rate rise proposed
“Pool admission would rise 8% to $6 per adult”
Current Casual Adult entry $5.00 (http://asalc.com.au/fees-and-charges)
$5 + 8% =$5.40
$5 + 20% =$6

What a week!
Is the vehicle in the picture above actually airside at Alice Springs Airport or has it been photoshopped in?
Hi Rob, it’s airside. I have a pilot’s license and had permission to drive alongside the aircraft to make its loading easier. Cheers, Erwin.

Macklin spokesperson: Dept looking at Lhere Artepe, Darryl Pearce deals to check ABA funds ‘have been used appropriately’
It appears the murkiness surrounding aboriginal corporations, land councils and community organisations is not confined to the Centre – http://www.abc.net.au/news/2012-01-16/160112-nlc-land-fight/3776360?section=nt

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