I was nearly de-sexed when riding my boy cousin’s bicycle; …

Comment on Bicycle riding and narcissism by JRW.

I was nearly de-sexed when riding my boy cousin’s bicycle; I hit a bump and fell forward onto the top tube, oh the pain of it all!
Nope, those spindly two wheeled things should not be associated with sex as we know it. After all, being viewed traveling around with your bum higher than your boobs really shouldn’t appeal to human males so much as to … but I go too far.
Give me a 4×4 any day and call me a bogan (but never a bitch) if you wish, but at least my chastity isn’t being threatened.

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Tollner exploiting other people’s misery, says Anderson
I used to think Anderson was a genuine voice of her electorate but now … I’ve simply stopped listening.
Why? Because what she says now about the CLP is what she said yesterday about Territory Labor. Tomorrow she may say the same about the PUP Party.

Let the Anderson show continue …
But this is THIS week, last week it was First Nations or something, before that the CLP, before that the Labor Party … next week?

Dog baiter kills pets in rural area
Another reason for reporting animal cruelty cases.

Dog baiter kills pets in rural area
To those who have lost dogs – report your suspect to the police, regardless of whether you feel intimidated by this person or not. It’s well known that people who are cruel to animals soon move their attention to humans.

75 dwellings jammed into old bowls club
Ridiculously high density accommodation for remote Alice – more suited to New York. People here are surely entitled to a little space.

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