NT Budget infrastructure spend mostly revotes from 2013/14



The capital works program for Central Australia in the $5.4 billion Territory Budget consists mostly of revotes from last year when the total value was $38m.


Overall in the Territory, expenses for key functions of health, education, and public order and safety make up 58%.


The sources of revenue include the GST share from the Federal Government ($3.1b), current grants ($801m) and NT taxation ($569m).


This year’s new works for Central Australia in the Budget, announced this morning, totals $29.5m – almost $10m less than last year.


The 2013/14 numbers were:-

Expansion of police facilities in Alice Springs $10.9m ($9m a revote in 2014/15).

Increased courts capacity in Alice Springs $5m ($3m revote).

Upgrade and seal existing airstrip at Kaltukatjara (Docker River) $2.5m (revote).

Construct a grade-separated overpass on Stuart Highway over the railway south of Alice Springs $13m (revote).

Continue the upgrade and seal of targeted sections on Tanami Road $3m (revote).

Upgrade the health centre at Alice Springs Hospital $21m (revote).

Remediation and upgrade of theatres and wards ($4.9m revote).

Alice Springs Hospital – power & water reticulation, electrical ($3.1 revote).


This came to a total of $38m in 2013/14.


The new works this year (which of course may became revotes next Budget) are:-

Kilgariff development $3.3m.

Titjikala Health Centre upgrade $2.7m.

Hospital multidisciplinary teaching and training facility $5.2m.

Ti Tree, Kilgariff and Larapinta Valley redevelopment infrastructure $5m.

Tourism boardwalk, Alice Springs $2.5m.

Outback Highway $7.3m.

Stuart Highway urban landscaping in Alice Springs $1.5m.

Larapinta Drive Lovegrove Drive intersection $3m.


This comes to a total of $29.5m in this Budget.


PHOTO: The Kilgariff development this morning – earthworks in progress.

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