Let’s talk about the half a billion out of Indigenous …

Comment on Budget: Scullion’s Aboriginal Affairs agenda by Marcus Wright.

Let’s talk about the half a billion out of Indigenous Affairs, how’s that going to close the Gap?

Recent Comments by Marcus Wright

No need to declare interest: Paech
Behest you at what moment in time is it reported that the issues was behested?
In case you have forgotten, a role of a Senator is to: Represent the views of their state in the Senate, so isn’t the Senator doing her job by being across it?

Youth activist, businessman joins PUP
Nice to see his abiding by council bylaws.

Youth activist, businessman joins PUP
He’ll write a policy on youth and then skate off back to his little suburban life! Typical.

Ryan’s agenda to reform land council: broad support from members?
CEO David Ross is one of the only reasons why the CLC has run and been as successful as it is. David Ross is a role model to young Aboriginal men who want to achieve things in life. I have watched David over the years and his respect, loyalty and dedication to the benefit of Aboriginal people is outstanding.

Paech: Town Council should ‘combat bigotry’
As I understand it the NT Senator sent the same letter to every council in the Northern Territory asking them to assist. I am aware that Darwin did pass a motion of support of some kind to show support to its community.
So what if he is or he isn’t a staffer that’s irrelevant. I genuinely think that Paech and Kudrenko are passionate about the changes.
Hal, if what Steve is saying is true then isn’t it a good thing that councillors brought this matter up rather than leaving under the carpet or forgetting about it like so many other things.

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