Erwin, where do these crazy figures come from? Five million …

Comment on Bye, bye bikers! by Matt Mulga.

Erwin, where do these crazy figures come from? Five million dollars spent by 2,500 people means a lazy two grand was dropped by each middle aged biker. Can you spend 2000 bucks camping out at the show grounds, eating steak sandwiches and buying XXXX gold cans from a makeshift IGA bottle shop?

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Anger mounting over closing of Rock climb
The whole handback of The Rock was a political farce created by (sadly) a Hawke Government which had promised reconciliation and had delivered very little in its first term.
There was no strong evidence of any long term connection by any of the claimants who made up the so called traditional owners, in fact Yami Lester, the first Chairman of the board, only visited The Rock as a tourist on his late 20s – and what did he do when he was there? He climbed it.
He thought it was a great achievement for a blind man, which it was.

Have Minister, Tourism Central Australia acted on tragedy?
Erwin, I think you should delete the question: “Why did the hotel not raise the alarm at the time when the two could still have been rescued?”
Sometimes people don’t come home for a variety of reasons.
I don’t think an accommodation house anywhere in the world should be expected to parent guests behaviour.

Parole procedures changed as murderer is arrested
Peter used to come to Montes. I was aware of his past. He didn’t drink very much, and was a very polite and friendly patron.

Govt probe: Were they drinking seated or standing?
In reply to the comment by Craig. Of the 16 units nearby, three years ago there was a complaint by one resident only. We door-knocked the block of flats, and spoke to each of the other residents and no one else expressed any issues.
I supplied the concerned resident with my mobile number, and modified the way we have presented live music, often by starting the event early and presenting other entertainment on the Todd Street side of the building that runs till later.
I believe the one concerned resident has appreciated my efforts and has not raised any concerns with me for some time, and he, nor any of the other residents objected to our recent application for an open licence.
Craig, I invite you to supply more information of these nearby residents with children forced from their homes either here, or to myself, or through the editor of this website for I think this is false and that you have a hidden agenda behind your comment.

LETTERS: Bouquets for ‘roo man, brickbats for NT Government after TV show in the UK
Erwin, clearly here is a story that requires your journalistic inquisitive talents. I just watched the show on iView with my kids. I thought it was a wonderful effort by the small team from the BBC. Our Alice looked harsh, peaceful and beautiful. Brolga looked the real deal too for he is. Well done him.
When his kangaroo nursing home was located at the old Melanka site it was an outstanding hit with the backpackers.
Often guests would go back next day, some delayed their departure, and before too long newly arrived travelers would get off the plane asking where it was.
Come on Erwin let us know why some people in town were so hostile to a simple concept which was fantastic for promoting Alice, and gave visitors something easy to do.
And its still not too late. An animal nursing hospital in town with Brolga and anyone else interested involved. Perhaps stick it on the council lawn – we can not even get a statue up there. Kangaroos in nappies. It would be a hit.
Go on ask NT Tourism if they could spare a bit of cash to get the whole thing going or have they blown it all on a Melbourne footy club.

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