Government handing out water licences at alarming rate: Labor



Sir – The issue of water allocation in the Territory should have been at the top of Chief Minister Adam Giles’ agenda when he faced the Joint Select Committee Inquiry into the Development of Northern Australia.


He failed to recognise how important the Territory’s water resources will be to facilitating any of the resulting plans for developing Northern Australia.


The CLP Government is jeopardising the future of developing Northern Australia by handing over water licences at an alarming rate with no regard for future planning or science.


Mr Giles and the CLP Government should call for an inquiry into water allocation in the Territory.


Given the allegations of the last couple of weeks, an open and independent inquiry into the process for granting water licences, potentially worth millions of dollars, is needed to ensure that a transparent and fair process is occurring.


Organisations such as the Northern Land Council have also raised their concerns with the water allocation process in the Territory and the failure of the CLP Government to set aside Strategic Indigenous Reserves.


Kon Vatskalis (pictured)

Shadow Minister for Infrastructure & Transport

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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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