Are there any properties, corporations or businesses which are exempt …

Comment on 5% council rate rise proposed by Paul Lelliott.

Are there any properties, corporations or businesses which are exempt from rates Damo? Just askin.

Recent Comments by Paul Lelliott

The farce of Minister Chandler’s Yirara ‘assessment’
Why the need for a dedicated indigenous college?
Some years ago as president of FICA I oversaw the successful application of sport to promote cross cultural awareness. Working closely with Reg Hatch from Tangentyere we developed a street soccer program which encouraged indigenous and non indigenous kids to play together.
Some of these went on to play in our mainstream weekend competitions. Inclusion promoted harmony and goodwill. We had parents coming to the grounds to sign up their kids to play.
Then something strange happened. The governing body of soccer FFA decided it would be a good idea to to fund a national indigenous football festival to be held in Townsville.
The local indigenous kids could not understand why their team mates they played alongside every week were not invited to play. The efforts by volunteers to promote inclusion were undermined by those who were completely removed from the realities of life in Central Australia.
So I ask the question, why do we have a need for Yirara College when by and large the children of Alice Springs and their parents are all in favour of an inclusive community? If we can use sport to promote cross cultural awareness then surely we must use the education system to do the same.

Alice Springs ED was initiative of Federal and Territory Labor
The well informed do acknowledge your contribution Warren however you cannot expect too much favour from the other side. It is a sad trait within Australian politics that when there is a change in government there is no possibility that the outgoing party will be credited with having achieved anything worthwhile.
“The good is oft interred with their bones.”

Ryan earning more from govt. jobs than for being Mayor
I’m on the record and Damien and Rex Mooney are well aware of my stated opinion … the “official” role of mayors across a range of councils is obsolete in this day and age.
The mayor should be the go-to person facilitating all issues pertinent to the interests of the community and an appropriate salary should reflect that.
Damien has just jumped the gun a bit. Full credit to him for taking on the extra responsibilities. The most progressive mayor in the country resides in Geelong and he gets involved in every issue from unemployment to tourism. That’s what we need in Alice Springs. Just need to get it formalised.

Ask Lisa for the secret of growing a business in Alice
Keep talking us up Lisa. You are just great for the region. Hope your inventions with food win many awards. I’ll include you in my new book “Outback Dining for City Slicker ‘A’ Listers”. Cheers!

Electricity cost still up in the air, cuts by Feds a worry for council
Hey Damo,
The age of entitlement is officially over. The Federal budget has cut a knife through grants and funding across a range of programs.
I wouldn’t be too critical of the Feds for not applying CPI to the Federal Assistance Grants. There are other ways to get your grants increased.
You need to show the Feds where money is being wasted on non performing projects and organisations.
You can start with Desert Knowledge and the adjacent Yirara College facility which has become a virtual local base for the heavily funded Clontarf program established in WA. Tap into those funds, Damien, and your money worries will be over.

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