Great article, Kieran, thank you. I have shared it far …

Comment on Visions of Utopia by Lizzie.

Great article, Kieran, thank you. I have shared it far and wide across the globe!

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Aboriginal flag on Anzac Hill: Unjustified division
I disagree. Whilst I understand your argument, in every Anzac March, different groups are represented and march with pride in relation to the part they played.
For many Indigenous Australians, their role in both wars has, until recently, been either ignored, or minimalised.
I believe it is important that we recognise the role that Indigenous Australians played, despite the fact that during those times they were considered and treated as less than “Australian” by the government and broader community.
I agree that we are one nation of people, but we need to understand that our history does not go back two hundred years and then take a left turn.

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