Mike and Maria, as always, are ready to put their …

Comment on More than a driveway, it’s a story by Daryl Gray.

Mike and Maria, as always, are ready to put their money and effort where their mouth is. Talk is cheap, but people who constantly back up their vision with deeds, and commitment to beauty, and design, respect for culture and place, and celebrate life and the art of living should always be recognized, praised and applauded.
Now, if those who are responsible for the public realm can follow such an example, what a wonderful world it might be (apologies to Louis Armstrong).
Long may you two reign.

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What would John Clarke have said?
Mark, this is another great piece of writing.
I am left feeling wistful for the weekly fix of Clarke and Dawe and lamenting the passing of a great and clever soul, and a man of the people.
We are all poorer for his passing.

Desert Song: We are one and free
Many hearts and souls, joined together in the very heart of the country.
Well, anyone who has spent time in the beautiful country in and around the Centre knows how powerful time spent there is.
To combine it with voices in song from so many places is a joy to behold.
Thanks for the video posted here, I can vicariously experience (albeit a small portion), what it must have been like for those present, gathered in harmony, love and peace.
This is the best message to show to the world, especially at times like these.
Well done, and blessings to all involved.

Rod Moss: journeys of the artist
Wow, what a treasure trove!
Wonderful words and images showing the great mastery of life and art by Rod Moss.
Congratulations, and thank you Rod, we are all richer for the experience.

Back to the future with Warren Snowdon
I can remember working for the Electoral Commission at various elections, and always enjoyed the process of setting up, checking names against the rolls, and issuing ballot papers to voters from early in the morning to early evening and close of polling stations.
Then the excitement of sorting and counting ballot papers, and watching scrutineers try to work out trends early in the count, and sometimes challenge whether or not a voter’s intention was clear or another, and thus to be counted or put aside as informal (invalid).
Reading this article, I can remember the excitement surrounding both the supporters and the candidate Warren Snowdon when he was elected to the Parliament for the first time in 1987.
Makes one realise how time flies by, but also just what commitment and stamina Warren has shown to still be there serving as an elected representative nearly 32 years later.
So putting all politics aside, let me acknowledge his service to the community and wish him and his family well.
Thank you Warren for your faithful service to our communities and our nation.

In the company of birds: Iain Campbell
Sad to here of Iain’s passing. A wonderful generous hearted character, a man for all seasons.
I can still hear the beat of his drum at musical gatherings, especially the folk club in the late seventies. Rest in peace, Old Son.

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