This year’s Finke Desert Race website has to be ranked …

Comment on Thumbs up for two Finke winners and 300 volunteers by Ian Rennie.

This year’s Finke Desert Race website has to be ranked as the most pathetic ever. It has been impossible for a tremendous number of people in the Alice, around Australia and the world to get results.
I personally have had people around Australia ring me asking where different riders are placed because they could not get that info from the site.
I have had to say to each and every one “sorry mate, I am as much in the dark as you”. So, where does that leave me? I am ringing around and finding the same thing. I do believe the Facebook page has quite a few comments regarding this.
It would be a very good idea for a complete report on the results to be published, not just the finishers, but covering Prologue, Day one and Day two to make up for this failure.
For the amount of taxpayers’ money that is pumped into this event I think that the committee needs to have a serious look at not having a repeat of this next year.
Sour grapes on my part? Sure, big time and why not, but I am sure there will be a few condemning me for this insulting comment stating overload on the site etc, etc, as also I am sure that those will be the fortunate few that were able to access the results.

Ian Rennie Also Commented

Thumbs up for two Finke winners and 300 volunteers
Mr Yoffa should understand that It is not just myself who is unhappy, but like many things there are but a few who bother to speak up.
On primary purpose, I am quite sure that race control knows the situation without the website, and if Mr Yoffa wants to know about the organisation’s finances he is in the position to know, not a poor uninformed (or as he would have it implied, misinformed) fool such as I.
The fact of the matter is the website was not up to scratch for whatever the reason, and the public will be expecting a lot better in 2015.

Recent Comments by Ian Rennie

Fracking foes to take protest to Origin meeting
With due respect and with no intention to insult, I must ask why should any company big or small, foreign or Australian owned, consult Aboriginal Australians about their intention to once again rape this once beautiful country?
Anyhow there will be no objection and if there is a few dollars thrown in their direction should silence any objections.
I do hope that there is some thought given by some about their responsibility to protection of their country.

Alice students fire up for climate action
I totally agree in fracking being banned, full on totally banned.
But have a think, people, about everything that supports the Alice (and other places the world over).
Are you all willing to give up everything from pushbikes to computers.
Just have a very good think about walking everywhere and even living a hunter and gatherer lifestyle. OMG! Can’t see you mob doing that, no more fast foods even, heaven forbid!
I could go on and on but no use wasting my breath, just have a really good think.
Oh yes, I am very much against polluting in the name of profits and pollies taking back pocket payouts to allow the country to be raped.
Don’t happen? Pull my other leg.

Chinese, Singaporian pipeline firm wants Aussie handout
Australia, thanks to our pathetically weak politicians and the apathy of the population, is seen as a soft touch by foreigners, we sell our assets for SFA and then provide the infrastructure needed to transport it.
It won’t be long and the foreign takeover of Australia will be complete and we can be thankful for the few scraps the new owners throw us.

US marines in Darwin could drag Australia into war
I do not see it as a threat, however if we must do then we need to look at all the Chinese “bases” around the country including the Port of Darwin.
American military presence in Australia is a plus in many ways and in no way a threat.

‘The Territory is broke. We’re living way beyond our means.’
Crikey! And we have Short on Brains claiming Labor will do so well running the country?

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