It is disappointing to hear that Mr Rennie is unhappy …

Comment on Thumbs up for two Finke winners and 300 volunteers by Antony Yoffa.

It is disappointing to hear that Mr Rennie is unhappy with our website and was unable to get results. We too were disappointed with the delay in results being on-line given the inordinate amount of time our volunteer IT crew worked on getting this together.
They successfully built a results system that would be able to provide real time results and progress times for the many thousands of people who follow this event both locally and from around the world.
Understanding that our system’s primary purpose is to track riders and drivers as a safety mechanism – this worked perfectly and in race control we knew the whereabouts of competitors.
The secondary purpose is to provide information to the public who are big followers and supporters of the event.
This information is uploaded to our website however we (along with members of the public) experienced considerable connectivity / accessibility problems.
We are yet to understand why although we are told that the 3G signal was overloaded.
This is not something we have any control over and certainly don’t want a repeat during our 40th celebrations in 2015.
All results are published – not just top 3 in each class. There are multiple results reports.
Mr Rennie seems to imply that there is a significant amount of taxpayers money pumped into this event. I’d be interested to know what the figure is if he can enlighten me and your readers.
Anyone at the start line on the weekend will have noticed the difficulties in using their phone; even when calling there were drop outs or non-connectivity.
We can only hope that the problems we experienced this year will not be with us next year.
Antony Yoffa
Finke Desert Race

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