Typical council executive, embellishing the price tag to sensationalise the …

Comment on ‘Gift’ costs ratepayers $75,000 by James.

Typical council executive, embellishing the price tag to sensationalise the installation. Ask the contractor what he is charging for the works? The reality is, the cost is driven by “administration” at the offices of Rex Mooney and Greg Buxton. What a joke!
Maybe if you had let them put it up in the first place it would have cost the council nothing. Wasn’t that the original deal?
Five years later (yes 5 years) and the Council together with the weasels at Heritage have decided to hide the Statue in the corner behind trees so no one will get offended. Another joke!
This statue is well overdue and I’m surprised that those Freemasons even continued with the gift considering the hurdles and obstructionist approach from the executive at the council.

James Also Commented

‘Gift’ costs ratepayers $75,000
“After strong objections from parts of the community, council decided on – and eventually got heritage clearance for – the present location at the western end of Stuart Park”
Is that your opinion because it is certainly not fact? Were you there at the unveiling ceremony in 2010? I was! I didn’t see “large parts of the community” objecting to it, in fact I saw about seven people protesting and about 300 people applauding the unveiling. So what are you suggesting here, are seven people a large representative of the community?
Please stop the simpleton exaggeration when writing pieces at the Alice News because you are ruining an otherwise good independent publication and the only real voice in Alice.
[ED – We were at the unveiling. We are referring also to the subsequent expressions of opinion.]

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Stuart statue update: Break-down of the $75,000.
Well, if Kieran can view each of these invoices related to the above list (once paid) I would happily accept the above list!

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