So in a nutshell: Over the past half-decade a lot …

Comment on CSIRO staff in Alice Springs protest over funding cuts by Greg.

So in a nutshell: Over the past half-decade a lot of work regarding the understanding of desert ecology HAS been done and is published. Fine, that was then, this is now.
At present we have the problem of feral cats and buffel which the CSIRO has failed to address and these are very serious eco problems.
With regards to Aboriginal people: I wonder how much of my tax money was spent on some of the ‘scientific’ projects e.g. that link health to ‘country’, because while the elders may need the land, many younger people can’t wait to leave, get an education and find a well paid job – just like the rest of us.
Wind power – FAIL. This one really doesn’t float, it spins, because coal, gas or diesel engines are ALWAYS used as a backup when the wind doesn’t blow … which is often.
It seems that when any organisation, the CSIRO is no exception, is politicised to the Green end of the spectrum, it starts to fail.
The CSIRO and other people-funded organisations probably would have been left to their own devices had the Australian Labor Party – the government of the day – not squandered billions. It is this political party to whom you should be addressing your concerns … now that would follow logic and be “scientific”.

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