Perhaps the key problem from which the CSIRO has suffered …

Comment on CSIRO staff in Alice Springs protest over funding cuts by Robinoz.

Perhaps the key problem from which the CSIRO has suffered is its lack of “presence” ie, from a public relations sense.
I wonder how many of the non-scientific public (like me) really know about what the CSIRO does or achieves.
This is to some degree inferred by Dr Davies who reminds us of the organisation’s achievements. I’m reasonably well read, but can’t recall reading much about the CSIRO and its Alice Springs activities.
Public funded organisations need to show benefits for the huge amounts of taxpayers’ money poured into them and if they are perceived as non-performing, then it’s a no-brainer that one day the axe will fall.
Nobody wants to see people lose their jobs, but in today’s world, visibility is as important as being seen to achieve.

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