If it’s true that CSIRO provides employment for more than …

Comment on CSIRO staff in Alice Springs protest over funding cuts by Paul Daiels.

If it’s true that CSIRO provides employment for more than 6500 individuals (per a Google search), then there is a compromise possible.
None of the 700 staff need to be made redundant if an equivalent across-the-board payroll reduction is invoked (about 11%, by my calculation).
Certainly there are other cost considerations in addition to payroll, so the payroll reduction would probably need to be higher.
Nevertheless, the (admittedly simplistic and first-order) choice becomes: A 100% payroll sacrifice by 11% of the CSIRO workforce (who are made redundant) as opposed to an 11% payroll sacrifice by 100% of the CSIRO workforce (who would see a payroll reduction).
Comments invited (especially if some knowledgeable person can report what actual across-the-board payroll reduction would be required to achieve CSIRO’s cost goals without imposing any redundancies).

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