Alice Springs ED was initiative of Federal and Territory Labor





The NT Government’s Minister for Health Robyn Lambley said that the Alice Springs Hospital’s new Emergency Department was a success.  I welcome this and am proud that I could get $13.6 million of Federal funding to partner with the former Territory Labor Government to get this facility built.


I spoke at the opening last year and it is a great facility that shows what can be done when Governments work hard to get great outcomes for their communities.


I join with the Minister on congratulating the staff in ED at the Alice Springs hospital for their terrific and very professional work in serving the needs the community.


However, it is misleading of Minister Lambley to claim that the CLP built the new Alice Springs ED.  It was completed under CLP watch but it was an initiative of  Federal and Territory Labor, as was the upgrade of the Emergency Department at Tennant Creek.  The Federal funding was secured by me as Federal Minister in the former Labor Federal Government.


With the Emergency Department finished, and space freed up there was agreement that space for a dedicated eye clinic, including operating facilities and appropriate staff and patient space would be developed.


There was agreement that this clinic is required to service the eye health needs of Central Australia and to support the important and highly skilled work already being done in this area at the Alice Springs Hospital by the extremely competent and professional specialist staff.”


There is no doubt about the need for such a facility, and the question that Minister Lambley should answer is what is the delay, and when will this agreed facility be provided.


Warren Snowdon

Member for Lingiari

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Indigenous Affairs

Shadow Parliamentary Secretary for Northern Australia


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  1. Paul Lelliott
    Posted July 3, 2014 at 10:17 pm

    The well informed do acknowledge your contribution Warren however you cannot expect too much favour from the other side. It is a sad trait within Australian politics that when there is a change in government there is no possibility that the outgoing party will be credited with having achieved anything worthwhile.
    “The good is oft interred with their bones.”

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