The interesting thing is that all governments at the moment …

Comment on Water for 300 years, at current consumption: What if we want more? by Lockedout.

The interesting thing is that all governments at the moment are only interested in the dollars not our future. You can not tell me that they are not getting money for all this. They are swimming in it for our future. The Chinese see it coming they are buying up our country. The price of food will soon be much higher than any gas, and more valuable, too.
If only this country could have pollies who care for us not big business. Have a look how much they have spent on mines – over 4 billion in the NT to mines. If they can’t afford it, why are we paying for them?

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Aboriginal gallery: rushed business case yet immediate start?
So the question becons who is getting the paper bag money for this?
For it to be so rushed and fact cost seems to be all over the place but definitely millions.
Is someone is getting a kickback?

Water for growth doubted in govt draft
I have noticed that they don’t say how much of that water is allocated for mining now and in the future. Mmmm. I’m sure that if you add those allocations you will find we run out a hell of a lot earlier. And of course the government will keep giving them water, even if the town runs out.

Fracking moratorium needed: Alliance
Just have to say the same as last comment: it is true, all the research says this crap is dangerous and for a country where we rely so much on water from under the ground, well, the consequences could be no life east of the Great Divide or Sydney. It is already being done there too, and going back in to water ways.
So many governments are so short term minded that they will do anything for any business they think will make some money.
But this one isn’t that profitable, in fact the governments are the ones paying for most of it to be done.
That’s right, our tax dollars pay for it, and we all will pay the end price.

The boom’s on its way!
It would be great to see a boom here in Alice but there are something we need to be careful of: Where do we get if from?
If it is mining don’t expect the boom in town. It will all be FIFO and then when finished it will only kill this area.
If it is tourism, well let’s get better flights cheaper and so encourage people to come out here.
If is is infrastructure or industry – great all the best.
But are we not still one of the most expensive areas to live in, and if things big are coming, do you really think it will make things cheaper? I doubt it. Just be careful what we get, as the wrong things that come may only destroy the things that are so great about Alice.

Cops less often at bottleshops
Most of us who have lived here a while will have seen that the police presence at bottlos has led to a lessening of crime. I have even heard from paramedics that the nights the police are outside the sales outlets are always more quiet than those when they are not.

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