I totally agree with Charlie Carter. This is a community …

Comment on Multi-faith openings of council meetings are a good thing by Jo.

I totally agree with Charlie Carter. This is a community business meeting, not a place for religious chants. We have churches for that.

Recent Comments by Jo

Council to take charge of street kids at night
Set in place a curfew for all kids under 17. If located on the streets after 9pm, take them home and issue the parent with a fine.
For goodness sake – it’s time to make the parents responsible.
Not the Town Council, not the rate payers of Alice Springs – the parents!

The Telstra mobiles, web access mess (continued)
Don’t know about that. I’m directly under those towers, and my Telstra broadband device gives me ‘Average’ or ‘Good’ access, which is usually too slow for any decent internet surfing.

Anderson: constituents happy with Palmer United Party
Some people “talk a good talk” but do nothing. Why are these people taking places that could be used by genuine people? Sick to death of all the hoo haa around this group!

Massive drop in crime, Ministers claim
According to my Face Book site, break and enters are still very prevalent, with most being under-age teens who have a record of 10-15 break-ins a week!
The revolving door from police, to court, to bail isn’t stopping them. Not the fault of the police.
They’re sick to death of doing all the paperwork associated with nabbing them, only to be doing the same thing the next day for the same culprits. This is where we need to concentrate our efforts on.

New northern Todd Mall: it’s just not working
I’m a local (for 33 years) and on the rare occasion I walk the Mall, I park near the post office.
No tickets to collect and carry with me, then when finished shopping, no ticket to zap into a big metal box before doubling back to my car.
Whose idea was it to make it all so annoyingly complex? How many people have carted their purchases back to the car, only then to remember they have to go back in the plaza to swipe that stupid ticket?
Change the parking areas to free parking without these silly tickets, and get the traders to open up to the Mall side. Then I might venture down that way as well. In truth, the plaza has nothing ‘enticing’ to offer me. It’s big and stark.

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