$3.5m for Chief Minister spin, says Opposition





Sir – The CLP Government is burning through $6 million in spin alone while taking the axe to education and health budgets.



Labor Opposition estimates questions have uncovered that the CLP Government spin machine in the Chief Minister’s Department is costing taxpayers $3.5 million.



In addition, Chief Minister Adam Giles is spending more than $3 million on promotional campaigns yet Territory businesses are missing out on this big spending.



The CLP Government is pumping out multimillion dollar promotional campaigns but local businesses are ignored because contracts for these campaigns are not going out to tender.



The Developing the North Campaign is costing $1.796 million but the CLP Government obtained a certificate of exemption – sidestepping the usual tender process.

A further $1.7 million is allocated to the FestivalsNT campaign and nearly $7,000 has been spent without a tender process occurring.



Why isn’t the CLP Government giving Territorian businesses a chance to compete for contracts in these campaigns?

Who picked up this lucrative work without going to a competitive tender?



Territorians were promised by the CLP that they’d cut spin in Government. Instead it’s a promotional fest without Territory small businesses being given the chance to tender for these contracts.



Not only has the CLP Government got their priorities all wrong but they are firmly on the path of jobs for mates rather than a fair go for all.



Kon Vatskalis

Shadow Minister for Corporate and Information Services (pictured)



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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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  1. Hal Duell
    Posted July 8, 2014 at 11:36 am

    While not trying to justify the CLP’s spend on spin, how much was it again that the previous ALP government spent on the same thing?

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