Steve, have you a business plan for this chair lift, …

Comment on Why do we not think BIG about tourism? by Les Fanning.

Steve, have you a business plan for this chair lift, restaurant and associated infrastructure?
I recently took a chair lift in France. It took me to Europe’s highest railway, a converted mine rail line that wound around the mountains and offered two hours of excitement and wonder. At its end their was a low key restaurant.
This lift:
– operated as a ski lift in winter which subsidised its summer operation
– serviced a major tourist attraction, which was then serviced by a restaurant
An Alice lift would service nothing but a view of Alice … which, though WE Alisonians love Alice, is not intrinsically lovable.
You can already get a view of Alice from Anzac hill – for nothing. You could build a restaurant atop ANZAC hill, but it would take decades to pay down the original investment … if it were a good restaurant.
Tourists come to Alice for its main attraction: Aboriginal culture, Steve. Australia has no museum of Aboriginal Art, Alice would be the perfect place to build it. It would then attract people who would spend on our struggling Aboriginal Art outlets.
These outlets are struggling partly due to the GFC but also because of the shortsighted, internationally high profile campaign some people fought that drew attention to the symptoms of Aboriginal distress in this town.
That campaign achieved nothing other than getting certain people elected to ASTC and nailing a coffin in the tourism industry in this town.
Building a chair lift would take guts … but not wisdom.

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