Steve, you are squirming away from your local investment group’s …

Comment on Why do we not think BIG about tourism? by Ian Sharp.

Steve, you are squirming away from your local investment group’s entrepreneurial opportunity to build the restaurant on the top of the range, now you are putting up a partnership with government idea, i.e. taxpayers dollars.
Go back to your original proposal in your “Sting” column, do you still stand by it? If so, entrepreneur away! Good luck. And leave us taxpayers alone, please.

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Why do we not think BIG about tourism?
Always good to have a look at the Alice News website to catch up on what the Browns are up to – Steve in good form here, he loves a good bout of argie-bargie! And responds well to criticism.
As for his proposal: “Access for everyone could be provided quite cheaply by a cable car up the existing road and perhaps complemented by a sky train from the wildlife park below. What a wonderful entrepreneurial opportunity for a local investment group.” Quite cheaply?
Remember the Sadadeen Waterslide fiasco? That was a “wonderful entrepreneurial opportunity” too, just one without a thought-out business plan. As for the “local investment group” I can think of lots of locals who would just LOVE to shove their hard-earned savings into your proposal Steve, I reckon you’d be oversubscribed in no time. Give it a go, see how you get on. Talk’s cheap, let’s see you put your thought-bubble into action. Lead by example.

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