For heaven’s sake, it’s Rock’n Roll




Quiz: He’s a man of the cloth. He writes Rock’n Roll. He’s a high energy live music performer. He has The Centre in his DNA.


Yep, you got it: He is Basil Schild (above, right) who with his brother Derek makes up the Super Raelene Brothers. On Saturday they launched their CD Revolution Day.


The outdoor stage at Monte’s – a buzzy venue at any time – was packed with fans of a wide age range, immersing themselves in the brothers’ distinctive sound of percussion, violin and guitar. A lot of music made by just two blokes.


Basil, a Lutheran pastor, gives whistle blowing a whole new meaning, as he prances around the stage, pumping out the names of places in Central Australia – Larapinta, Titjikala, Kintore and so on.


The Raelenes generously shared the stage with other local stars, Leon Spurling, NoKTuRNL and the up-and-coming Darcy Davis, performing with Anthony “Tilla” McIlwain.


(Watch the clip filmed by the Alice Springs News Online.)


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