Who cares even if they do get a “social license”? …

Comment on Fracking company says it has deals with Central Land Council by Aggyk.

Who cares even if they do get a “social license”? They don’t have a planetary one – we are facing a climate crisis and we have to stop digging up fossil fuels and transition rapidly towards alternatives or we’re going to be facing an uninhabitable planet. You can argue with ideas and theories about economics and social systems but you can’t argue with nature.

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Fracking key to immense NT resource wealth: Santos
Rather than looking at reports from the industry it’s probably worth people taking a look at some critical analysis of their claims;
It makes me so upset that we have to prove they are not safe rather than they prove they are safe (beyond saying “we’re safe”). No margin for error, however small, is acceptable when it comes to our water supply.

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