A particularly tasteless and ugly statue to an explorer who …

Comment on Stuart is holding the wrong rifle by Jackaranda.

A particularly tasteless and ugly statue to an explorer who was a small minded, bigoted drunkard.
His peers have commented on his belligerence toward them and his negative views about the “blacks”.
At least put a bottle of whiskey in his hand instead of the gun to give a reasonable approximation of this bloke’s character. A shame job all round.

Jackaranda Also Commented

Stuart is holding the wrong rifle
@Russell Guy

Thanks For your considered response Russell. I don’t like Stuart and I’d tell him so to his face if I had the chance.
The reasons I gave are but a few of the criticisms I could make of this chap. He was tough and he did survive unlike the fool Burke whose complete incompetence on the rival expedition cost the lives of numerous expedition members.
Wills should not have died and he is a tragic example of how poor leadership by others can cost dearly.
Stuart was a much better bushman and leader than Burke ever was. Giles outshone them all and should be celebrated as someone in a different class altogether. So tragic was his final resting place in an unmarked grave in Coolgardie.

Stuart is holding the wrong rifle
@ Russell Guy:
Q: what time of year did Stuart leave Chambers Creek on the last two expeditions? A: January.
Very “canny bushcraft” indeed … Stop taking popularist accounts by authors trying to maximise their book sales as gospel and do some of your own critical research.
Stuart’s exaggerated reports of the inland’s potential for grazing led many people to try their luck in “settling” the interior with tragic results.
It was fortunate he had some good people with him because his nasty attitude toward the natives would have likely got him killed if he had his own way on several occasions. Ernest Giles has far more relevance to Central Australia and actually was a great explorer with a much cleaner record in his dealings with Aboriginal people.

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