@ Bob and Jack. Finally some good points raised. I wonder …

Comment on Stuart is holding the wrong rifle by Aranda.

@ Bob and Jack.
Finally some good points raised. I wonder if we can spend $75,000 each on statues of all the Aboriginal people who showed Stuart through country, navigated for him and his party and lead them to important water sources, without whom Stuart would never have made it into the arid centre and beyond?
Also, what exactly did Stuart “discover” first, or do? Was he really the first person to transverse the country North to South? I call BS on that!
@ earlier comment: The fact that we still have a street named after William Willshire is equally disgusting and needs addressing – as does this senseless monument.

Recent Comments by Aranda

Not all is sweet in bush bakery
Speak for yourself, Pete. Here in Alice (albeit limited and expensive) we have the option to eat healthy food and be educated on the value of nutrient dense vs nutrient poor foods.
If you’re one of those meat pie, hot dog, cake eating smoko types then I can assure you if you keep that up, you will encounter dietary related health problems.
Don’t make excuses for recklessness. The cost to the taxpayer for those with serious health ailments such as diabetes, heart disease, liver cancers (caused by too much refined sugar) as a result of living on this crap day in day out is enormous.
Fresh veggie juice and salad bars in communities would have been a better option, and much cheaper in the long run.

Not all is sweet in bush bakery
Great points Bob, and well articulated.
What we have here is a food options being created in communities through these bakery’s and those options (including pies, pastries, doughnuts and cakes) being some of the most nutrient poor foods available.
So Darren, we should be rejoicing that the sickest and unhealthiest people in Australia now have their option of more cheap, nasty and rubbish food? The only person that looks set to gain from this is you.
For remote Indigenous communities, nutrient dense food (including macro AND micros) are essential to overcoming the serious, life ending health problems that currently exist because of a lack of access to proper nutrition in these areas. This whole process is shameful.
Erwin, can you explain why this article was taken down? More exposure is needed to highlight this problem, not less.

[ED – All our stories go into our online archive (some seven million words now) and stay there. I’ve put this one back on the front page as well.]

Jurrah gets nine months suspended after four
What happened to the supposed “Warlpiri Business” that Liam was supposedly fulfilling while playing AFL for Melbourne?
Nowhere in our culture does it say domestic and alcohol abuse is acceptable.
What we have here is a man with no accountability! Liam’s road to the AFL was assisted and helped by many many people on the fringe who would now be more likely to distance themselves from their involvement as opposed to celebrating what a remarkable story it was (at the time).
Non-Indigenous players would only dream of the assistance Liam was given by those who advocated his cause and provided him with opportunities and places to live whilst chasing his dream.
Following his brief career at the top, he was encouraged back to Alice and was tempted back into CAFL football with his “brothers” at South Alice Springs, who, rather than caring for his future and welfare, likely did so because they wanted a star player to boost their lineup and win a local flag. Big deal.
If Liam’s family and friends really cared for his welfare they would have directed him away from Alice and instead he could have gone and played semi professional football anywhere in the country (county footballers are earning up to $1K per game!), while returning to the Tanami to fulfil his obligations during the off-season.
Instead, he is back here with nothing to show from his football talents, incarcerated and now the story seems likely to only get worse.
The same leaders that insisted he was fulfilling his cultural obligations by playing AFL football need to step up now and give Liam some serious direction. Liam also needs to be accountable for his poor decisions.

Rosalie Kunoth-Monks ‘not welcome’ in her community
Poor old Fred. Pal, for your survey to have any credibility you would need to interview the other (approximately) 20 – 30,000 Aboriginal people that were removed between 1909 and 1969, when records were actually kept.
Let’s not kid ourselves and think it didn’t happen prior to or post those dates, either…
Here’s some reality for you ignorant souls that outline the real motivations behind the Stolen Generation:
In the 1930s, the Northern Territory Protector of Natives, Dr. Cecil Cook, perceived the continuing rise in numbers of “half-caste” children as a problem. His proposed solution was: “Generally by the fifth and invariably by the sixth generation, all native characteristics of the Australian Aborigine are eradicated. The problem of our half-castes will quickly be eliminated by the complete disappearance of the black race, and the swift submergence of their progeny in the white.”
Similarly, the Chief Protector of Aborigines in Western Australia, A. O. Neville, wrote in an article for The West Australian in 1930: “Eliminate in future the full-blood and the white and one common blend will remain. Eliminate the full blood and permit the white admixture and eventually the race will become white.”
Fred, Davo and Bill insinuating that the outcome of the Stolen Generations should be the emergence of the “Happy little Half-Castes” is pure lunacy.
The reality was that the policy of the time was aimed at eradicating Aboriginal people of full blood (so they would eventually die out on remote / under-resourced missions) and that people of mixed decent would eventually become white and forget about their cultural identity and languages. Unlucky for people of your ilk, it didn’t happen and we still exist today. Time to grab a book, fellas.

Stop Easter footy carnival in Alice: Liddle
I think the message Michael is pushing here is a bit lost on some of you.
While the current issue is about the Easter carnival, it is a relevant issue across many town events (the show for example) that attract people from near and far.
Arrernte people want to reassert their control over our lands and how people behave when they come here.
I’d imagine that should the carnival be held at any remote community and a large contingent of Arrernte people travel to attend, throw rocks at cars, stay on for weeks after the carnival, drink and fight and desecrate sacred sites, the welcome mat would be quickly withdrawn.
The CAFL simply has to shoulder some responsibility as they are convening the event.
Perhaps collaborate with relevant organisations to provide a bus service to assist supporters to get home once the carnival is over?
Many people simply stay on in town because they spend their measly welfare money within days and are stuck without resources to get home until the next fortnight.
This places pressure on town camps where families live, causing all manner of social disturbances and ends up with kids walking the streets, people sleeping in wretched conditions and public places. They literally have nowhere to go.
I’m sure if some of the town camps people were asked about the influx of people and the strain it puts on their already inept housing they would have fairly strong sentiments.
Michael has come under criticism for have the guts to stick his head up and start a conversation that needs to be had.
All of us town people, whether Aboriginal or not, want the same thing, a safe community where our property, families and children are protected and that when visitors do come, they respect our (apmere) country the same way we respect theirs and follow protocol when we travel bush.
It is not right to say that all bush visitors are badly behaved, that is simple untrue.
Many visitors do the right thing and enjoy the carnival and other events with their families. But there is a problem with behaviour of some once the drink starts flowing and then runs dry.
Many local people are probably just as guilty of this as bush mob. So what’s the problem here, football, the show, or grog?

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