Anachronisms: The rifle may be from the wrong era, but …

Comment on Stuart is holding the wrong rifle by S. Whyte.

Anachronisms: The rifle may be from the wrong era, but the striking clock in Shakespeare’s “Julius Caesar” is also wrong by several hundred years. It seems we’re not all perfect.
The statue itself is neither good nor bad, it’s just part of history. Rifles were and are (in some places) still used to hunt food.
I personally neither like or dislike the statue anymore than I like or dislike the new part of the Mall. What I do dislike is the “outrage” perpetrated by some non-Aboriginal people – it’s just too 1980ish.
Australia is now a multiracial country and we all just have to rub along together. The past is a dead thing and no amount of outrage will resurrect it.

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