Giles evades question on Alice nuke dump

p1953adamgiles2p2009alisonBy ERWIN CHLANDA


Chief Minister Adam Giles (at left) yesterday evaded a question from Namatjira MLA Alison Anderson (at right) about a proposed site for a nuclear waste dump near Alice Springs.


Ms Anderson asked Mr Giles in Parliamentary question time whether he had been “actively looking for sites.”


Mr Giles replied: “I have received a range of phone calls from a range of traditional owners over the last couple of months asking about potential nuclear waste sites. People have wanted to nominate their sites.”


However, an exclusive report in the Alice Springs News Online quotes three Aboriginal people saying an approach to discuss a possible site had come from Mr Giles – it was he who rang them.


In the parliament Mr Giles also outlined the process for identifying sites for a dump: “The process is until 30 September the land councils have an opportunity to submit potential sites, after thorough consultation with traditional owners, to the federal government.


“Following that there will be a period where jurisdictions from around Australia can provide a submission to [host] a site should nowhere be deemed to be successful or a suitable site from land council submissions.


“Following that, should there be no satisfactory jurisdictional nomination it will be opened up for other landowners from around Australia.”


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Erwin Chlanda, Editor

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