@ Julie Robertson. No, not retired, far from it. Still …

Comment on Tollner resigns as Deputy and from Cabinet by Sean.

@ Julie Robertson. No, not retired, far from it. Still happily working, living here in town. Until the so called CM performs and does what he promised over the years walking around town, frankly I don’t care what he thinks.
In Opposition he had all the answers and it was also easy. Yet is Alice thriving? Is the region thriving? Is the NT thriving? Are any industries up on last year – no. Including valuable tourism – no. Is unemployment down – no. A cold hard fact: I take responsibility for myself, work for myself, provide for myself and answer to myself.
Giles works for the government, he works for the people, he answers to the people! I can assure you at this level of performance his future, and the party’s is very grim – unless he wakes – and grows up!

Sean Also Commented

Tollner resigns as Deputy and from Cabinet
“Chief Minister Adam Giles accepted his resignation.”
Giles should have shown some guts and leadership and sacked him! It was the other MLAs that have forced this, they should be commended.
Hopefully they now get rid of Giles on Monday. Then we might actually get back to some governing. Apprenticeship Fail Giles.
Just like the last state you tried to make a political name for yourself.

Recent Comments by Sean

Land councils acted behind our backs, say pipeline TOs
And where are Nigel Scullion or Warren Snowdon in all of this?

CLC members want forensic probe into their organisation
The group was always: Giles, Tollner, Styles, Kezia and Nigel. Three are gone, time for the last two standing to be nailed! Get rid of them both! If Nigel isn’t taken out by Canberra, I have no doubt the ICAC will wipe them both out.

Alice councillor tells nation’s media about Aboriginal brutality
Yaaawn. Here we go again, another ranting figurehead.

CLP: Back to the future
Shane Stone doesn’t live in the NT? He’s still in his Darwin city apartment. In the past when away, it was always his base.
Besides, the return of Stone ensures the Giles-factor is definitely dead in the water, as Steve Brown is well aware.
Anything that ensures that period is finished, is worth backing. CLP Alice has a loooooong way to go, as they’ll no doubt discover, probably the hard way.

Old Melanka site for sale – again
Just another one of Adam Giles’ many past, front page grabbing thought bubbles that were never going to get anywhere. Bit like him. NTG be done with it, buy the land, turn it into community space – huge solar driven water theme park using recycled water. Great for tourism.

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