I agree with Russell Guy. Good on us taxpayers shelling …

Comment on Cops at bottlos a winner, says Congress by Kai Trovati.

I agree with Russell Guy. Good on us taxpayers shelling out MORE MONEY at Indigenous addictions and bad behaviour.
When I was growing up I didn’t realise that my study was going to land me a job and pay for a nation of drunks!
Yes, great, police at bottlos. What a story.
Should be proud? Pfft … ashamed is the word more likely. Needing police at bottlos because people can’t be trusted to just enjoy a couple of drinks without bashing their women, children and grandmothers? Yes, proud. Let’s publish this story!
Expensive bandaid that covers a stinky smelly skin sore that is festering and has been for a long long time.
These people need their own ELDERS to STOP drinking and recruit their younger generation into restoring what is left of their culture.
Programs like CAAAPU? Ha. What a joke! I worked there.
All the town and people know that this Aboriginal run / owned organisation is just a waste of taxpayers money.
I have personally seen these residents do no form of treatment, no formal education. Nothing … just cigarettes, coffee and sleeping. Take a good look, Alice Springs.
You are the leader in making sure the rest of the country and the world know that some things just never change. Great story. Next week, maybe you could do one on “how all the do gooders in town will protest against government for more indigenous equality” and ban the alcohol ban. Oh wait. That’s been done already!

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Work for the dole at golf club: sounds good on paper only
Just stop giving them money. It’s our taxpayers dollars. Simple. We have to work hard, why can’t they just bloody show up for two days a week? Why? Cause they are bums and accustomed to handouts and will do anything for a free ride. Good on you Alice Springs. Let’s keep supporting a town full of drunken bums.

Building of Parsons Street court to start soon
What about just turning it into another jail? Gees, while we are at being ridiculous – has it occurred to anyone, that all Alice Springs Court is home for is local indigenous drunks and bums?
Police and emergency services currently stretched beyond capacity – (seems to be the running joke of the century) – because the local indigenous mainly can’t keep their hands to themselves … literally.
Why highlight what is already quite bold? Alice Springs is a breeding ground of thieves, drunks, bums of unfortunate indigenous race mainly. Why should our taxpayers dollars support this?
Not happy, Jan!

Whitegate row headed for national attention?
I think that targeting Jacinta Price for her comments is not going to solve any issue.
Why should she take the flak for all your misdirected anger and energy?
I live in Broome – previously Alice Springs for 4.5 years, and can’t believe that there is still an issue regarding “equality” there. Let’s face it, this is what it comes down to.
Jacinta actually highlighted an important issue there regarding access to alcohol. Whitegate – a town camp that I frequented a lot whilst working for the department was a derelict hole.
Smelly, stinky and full of drunks and bums who did not work, and unfortunately had a lot of children in care by the state. Why? BECAUSE THEY CHOSE TO LIVE IN THESE CONDITIONS.
Housing is ALWAYS provided, but not always given because why should our taxpayers’ dollars be spent on people who can’t even look after themselves or their property? Let alone their own children.
I have lived and worked in 3rd world countries for 10 years doing volunteer work, and until I moved to Alice Springs, never knew that this beautiful country we call Australia, was home to a culture who cannot move on from the past, and get educated and get a job.
You want equality? Then start acting like the rest of the country and do something constructive and positive. Using the likes of social media, stories that unfortunately happened to your people, but not by those who are there helping you – will not change what happened. Only you can change.
Whitegate residents need to CLEAN UP THEIR ACT … why give them water if they don’t use it to shower? You think it’s OK to walk around and stink up the place and smell of piss and sweat and alcohol?
What do you do with the water anyway? It is certainly not used for showering.
As for two houses, I agree. Why should one traditional land owner have two houses? Why not push for two Prados and a swimming pool while your’e at it? Ridiculous? Thought so.
Alice Springs is a beautiful town, marred by scars of the past, and far too many white people trying to be do gooders and not achieving nothing. Good on you Alice. Still stuck in the past.

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