Here we have the Alice Springs News taking an obvious …

Comment on Not so happy birthday for CLP government by Margaret Shaw.

Here we have the Alice Springs News taking an obvious political stand when it should be showing objectivity.
You are trying to create something for the sake of news when you should be just reporting the news.
One thing is for sure, since the CLP took over the town has improved tenfold. Those of us that have lived here long enough know what the ALP did to this community because of their lack of reality.
The fact is the last government blew the money when it should have stretched it out.
Government departments were flush with cash and were falling over each other to meet excessive budget spending targets on anything and everything.
The problem was the bureaucracy could not handle the spending requirements that had to be met each month and ended up throwing money at contracts for little return.
Now we have a Government that has NO money and are at least trying to create activity by supporting private enterprise and the spending initiatives that were locked away by a Labor Government that was intent on following anti business policy.
So what if there are a few wrong words thrown around, the focus should be on the policies and the achievements so far especially considering this government is trying to live within its means.

Recent Comments by Margaret Shaw

‘Giles government worst in nation’
That is such a funny position coming from the ALP. Dysfunctional is a perquisite for Labor. Surely using a shadow spokesman’s comments for your headline is showing as much objectivity as the ABC. Time to grow up a little!
[ED – Thank you for your comment, Margaret. However, that’s exactly how the writer put it. Don’t shoot the messenger, please!]

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