I humbly suggest that being a sacred site Untyeyetwelye is …

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I humbly suggest that being a sacred site Untyeyetwelye is therefore Sacred and the Traditional Owners would rather we didn’t muck around up there any more than we have already. I believe a senior custodian Mrs Kwementjaye Furber was approached with a similar idea some 12 or so years ago and, when pressed, preferred a much more subtle form of monument. I think she would have preferred that the site was left untouched and treated with the same respect her family has held for it for untold generations.

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Flagging harmony or controversy?
Perhaps there are other ways to “promote interaction between cultures and help maintain a cohesive community”.
Whacking up a flag to commemorate those Indigenous Australians who died fighting for Australia, after sticking up a monument glorifying the man responsible for killing Indigenous Australians who were fighting for their country, seems quite bizarre.

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Back to the future with Warren Snowdon
Warren, there’s a clear ongoing demand for gas extraction from whom? For what?
Australia is the largest exporter of gas in the world so we clearly don’t have a shortage.
Who’s demanding we endanger our future? Why are you supporting this dangerous industry.

Price family were sole complainants against Cocking & Satour 
Not the kind of person we want representing us in Canberra.

A change in Lingiari? History holds some clues.
A vote for Labor is a vote for fracking, climate change and poisoned water.
Same unfortunately with CLP. Not a lot of choice in the NT.

Nationals in Canberra run Country Liberals media
So a vote for Snowdon is a vote for fracking, a vote to endanger our water supply and a vote for global warming.
A vote for the CLP is the same thing but they will never change. Labor might if they lose votes and don’t pick up the preferences.
They will definitely be chasing those votes / preferences next time.
Tell Wazza he won’t get my vote or preferences unless he ànd his party change their line on fracking.

Jacinta Price spits dummy
The sad thing about all this is that the way our system stands at the moment your vote is going to go to either the CLP or Labor.
The CLP is abhorrent but Labor is so crap that I feel I will have to put them below CLP in the hope that they will come to their senses at the next election.
One Territory or Greens then the cupla complete nut jobs, then CLP then Labor last.
I won’t be voting for Jacinta just more strongly against Labor and their support of fracking etc.

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