Maurie, you brought it all on yourself with your mad …

Comment on Ryan: CLC members ready for breakaway by Nampjijinpa.

Maurie, you brought it all on yourself with your mad ranting, bullying and racist abuse.
Now you’re not even a CLC delegate anymore, with no power to do anything at any meeting.
Just a useful fool of the (Country) Liberal Party, in whose offices you could be found when you were not gambling and betting on your fat pay package.
But that’s all gone, Maurie. Alison Anderson will be happy to explain how they’re using you, she knows that mob too well.
Go on, join them, you fit right in with your foul language. Call your own meeting, exclude whom you like and see how many turn up. Bet you won’t even get the two dozen who showed when you last called a public meeting.
The rest of us just want to get on with the job of improving our lives. No thanks to you.

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@ Lesley Tickner: The reason you don’t have a million, Lesley, is that Adam Giles just laughed you out of his office when you and Russell demanded one million each for agreeing to negotiate with the government about a nuclear waste dump near Mount Everard, behind the Land Council’s back. Your grandfather must be turning in his grave.

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