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@ Alyawarra Woman I am living in the Wonderland of shame. I’m shamed of our leaders that are not leading us properly and pulling us all of us into trial by media. I am shamed of this town being in an intervention and nothing good coming from that. I am shamed that people on town camps still do not have the right to buy their houses. The list goes on. But there are good people in this town that are doing amazing things, you might be one of these people, let’s hear about some good that they are doing instead of just hearing news about the Maurie show.

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Ryan: CLC members ready for breakaway
I for one am over reading about Maurie and his antics that he is trying to play on the CLC. Surely there must be some good happening in this town that is worth reporting as news.

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Maurie Ryan: ‘I am going to sue’
From what I’m reading here this article is that Maurie Ryan has been stood down again from the CLC.
Once again Maurie has created conflict in our community and then just gone quiet whilst others are playing it out.
Maurie adores the attention without commenting. Well, I for one will not allow Maurie to call me a bourgeois half caste. That is derogatory towards me and any Aboriginal person with mixed blood.
Maybe he should look at himself. Maurie talks about manipulating people who can’t read and write, then he uses big words that he thinks no one can understand and puts us down himself.
Really, I would like to hear a good story that Maurie has been involved in without any conflict that he’s caused.

Mercilessly enforcing rules against drunks, thieves, deadbeats
Finally something worth reading. And I agree with everything that is written. All Centralians should be treated the same under laws. Personally I’m sick and tired of people telling me I can’t drink, I can’t buy alcohol and where I can drink. It’s my life, it’s been part of the Australian identity for eons of years and I’m over it. We have too many laws and rules and not enough common sense dictating to us. Keep writing Steve. And to all those people who come here from different places to work and stay for awhile, we don’t need your “poor thing” mentality.

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