I am no engineer but I am amazed at the …

Comment on Mereenie Loop Road on the never-never by Graham Buckley.

I am no engineer but I am amazed at the quality of the 100kms of unmade surface that now exists on the Giles Rd. When teaching on a small community just off the Giles Rd. in the last half of the 1990’s most of the trip along it was a challenge, only fit for four wheel-drive vehicles. However, the surface now is terrific. It is just fine for two wheel-drive vehicles. In parts, particularly between the Stuart Hwy. and the Palmer River it gives the appearance, by the colour, that cement has been mixed with the dirt. The generous width is staggering too. Also,it would seem that regular grading is now applied. Whatever, if the Mereenie Loop had the same treatment if would offer a much cheaper and affordable alternative than a bitumen road.

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Going back nearly two decades Mr Brown’s comments remind me of the succinct depiction by the long celebrated The Age cartoonist, Tandberg.
It featured the then Victorian Premier, Jeff Kennett.
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Kele mwerre (“okay, good:) Amelia, MK, Leonie & Team Arrernte. A terrific initiative. I agree, Mark Wilson, that the program needs to be an ongoing one but.
Hey, from little things big things grow (thank you Kev Carmody).
Perhaps people could set themselves a mid-year resolution and determine to take on the challenge of learning the proposed “fifty words of Arrernte” list.
Incidentally, young Miles Turner, nicknamed Kilometres, who is featured in your article, Kieran, is a talented guitarist.
Currently he is studying at university in Adelaide. MK Turner’s mob are indeed something special.

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