Sorry Greg, [I’m writing] as a long serving tourist driver, …

Comment on Mereenie Loop Road on the never-never by Stephen Kelly.

Sorry Greg, [I’m writing] as a long serving tourist driver, using both Mereenie and Giles roads.
From the tourist perspective (and I presume that’s the point of interest), it’s about the journey as much, if not more than the destination, and in that respect the Mereenie is the superior trip, and The “Outback Experience” for many tourists.
The feedback I received from many of our foreign guests always included, as a highlight of their trip, the spectacular scenery the Mereenie offered and the adventure element of that journey.
The many different desert habitats accessible on the Mereenie Loop made for great interest in plant and animal survival and human history stories, especially Aboriginal cultural use of those habitats.
I understand the arguments for the bituminising of the Mereenie Loop road, but in my role as personalised tour guide / driver, I would not be upset if it was never sealed.

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