Let the Alice Desert Festival begin!



‘Come, they told me, the festival is here.’ Drum Atweme.
















All eyes on the band leader (Pete Lowson).























Kids on bikes …




























… adults too.




























A marching band with circus flair.






















New arrivals and more on the way.


















Dusty Feet hip-hoppers and other movers of the future.



















Low-tech Henley-on-Todd.






















Shoulder to the wheel for the mums and dads.






























Happy little pirates, and some big ones too.






Dear festival, with love …


You were colourful, noisy, fun for all involved but there’s no doubt that as last night’s festival opener, the traditional street parade, you were small and attracted only a small audience. But then Alice is a small town and this month its creative energy is stretched in many directions. Are we big enough to host what was conceived of as a town-wide, even regional, festival at the same time as a fringe festival (Free BBQ Cash Giveaway) and hot on the heels of  Desert Song Festival (whose core event was once part of the program) and Desert Mob? Time for a collaborative rethink on scheduling? And maybe a rethink on core purpose and form?

Kieran Finnane





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