Obscure figures holding guns? Obscure figures? JMcD-S walked from Adelaide …

Comment on Quigley Down Under? by “31 years of caring”.

Obscure figures holding guns? Obscure figures? JMcD-S walked from Adelaide to the northern coast of Australia once, and nearly twice – three attempts. He was followed shortly after by Todd and the Overland Telegraph joining this continent to the rest of the world.
Obscure? I suppose the writer has never heard of John Eyre, Ludwig Leichardt or William Dampier either.
History is what happened in the 1800s for the majority of the modern population.
Many of us are related to the explorers who opened up this land for you. If you are ashamed of them then leave – just go away.

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Change on new council: three women, three greens
Fracking is not a local council issue especially for a municipality such as Alice Springs. It may be for Central Desert or MacDonnel so why is so much made of it in the elections and the candidate’s political views. The council has far more important issues to deal with inside its own front and back yard.

Govt quality agency investigates Batchelor Institute
Unfortunately it is not uncommon for the academic side of a school or university to be at odds with the administrative arm, especially in more recent times.
Until more information comes to hand all we can do is speculate as to what the complaint was all about, but as someone who has spent many years on communities the quality outcomes of Bachelor students in relation to their studies has been mixed to say the least, but Batchelor is very good at turning moderates into radicals.

Did Oz Day row in Victoria scare the horses in Alice?
Alex, I got the feeling you weren’t happy, just the tone of the article.
As for Alice Springs Town Council lobbying into areas not of its direct concern, I know of instances where they have lobbied upwards, and history shows that the upper levels, usually, take no notice, or rubbish the issue publicly, and then funded council to take the issue on leaving councils holding rather hot potatoes.
Local councils are the “child” of territory and state governments and as such are expected to “behave”.
New candidates with little experience often, during their election campaigns, step outside of the implicit boundaries.
Like party politics, there are things that happen in local government that should not be happen.
OK Alex, I know you’re going to tell us that most of our councillors since the inception of ASTC have had party affiliations, but that does’t make it right.

Did Oz Day row in Victoria scare the horses in Alice?
Alex, the electors of Alice Springs have spoken. The voting pattern said that they want stability, they want traditional values.
They are, as a tribe, not interested in “progressive” politics. They may be interested in Left, Right and Centre politics, but not anarchy.
I was in the NT during the campaign period, although no longer an elector I read and listened with interest to the first time candidates and the “looneys”.
The main thing that came out of their rantings was that they have no idea what Local Government is all about.
It is not about Darwin and Canberra, it is not about social engineering and cultural bullying.
Local government is about rubbish, roads, parks and gardens, supplying sports facilities and street lighting.
Law and order, like active environmentalism and utilities (Power and water), is a police and NT Government matter, not a municipal council priority.
You seem a bit miffed that it’ll be more of the same, well Alex, all I can say is “Thank God”.

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