The statue is awesome and very welcomed by the great …

Comment on Quigley Down Under? by Marty.

The statue is awesome and very welcomed by the great majority of Alice folk.
Again we hear the same dribble from the regressive lefties that want to denigrate anything and everything sensible.
Well done to the Freemasons for their gift and to Mark Egan for his art work.
This is a great addition to Stuart Park and the heritage precinct.
To all those detractors, go back to where you came from!

Recent Comments by Marty

Attempted car-jackings by youths – Lawrie
How funny is the Labor Party? We have not forgotten the mess you lot created and we will not listen to the dribble you preach.
Those of you that would prefer to see Labor back are obviously ring-ins or from another planet.
Yes, we still have major problems but we also see and feel that progress is being made to deal with anti social behaviour.

8 storeys, 600 car parks, builder with Alice roots: Melanka
The anti development brigade are coordinating efforts to condemn Alice to remain a sleepy hollow.
I bet none of you are actual locals, more of the same do-gooder ring ins that are the root of many of the problems we face here. Just when you lot realise your regressive ideas don’t work you bolt back to your inner city self absorbing hovels!
The main reason Alice has gone backwards is the mess left by an incompetent Labor Party that pandered to the likes of the destructive Greens.
Crime spiralled out of control and all we got were poorly thought out bandaid treatments. They blew their budget and future budgets as peace meal projects and absolutely sat on their hands, afraid to make any constructive commitments to mining or other developments.
So NO, the problems we face in the mall and general business confidence is not the fault of Adam or Damien, it is a legacy of those that continue to stifle investment into development.
Every time we have had developments we get the same protesting mantra, yet every time the developments are welcomed and enjoyed by the majority.
Let’s stop listening to the crap of narrow minded zealots from the regressive Labor and Green movements, let’s grow Alice into a more self sustaining significant regional centre.

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