I really like the story of Stuart and it is …

Comment on Quigley Down Under? by Allison.

I really like the story of Stuart and it is befitting to have such a wonderful statue in his honour.
I’m actually surprised that the NT does not have many statues commemorating the achievements of so many great people. I also can’t believe that there is controversy around Stuart.
If you have read his diary you will realise he was actually quite a progressive man for his time. He is a great symbol for tolerance which during his day was not considered a priority in getting a job done.
Instead of shooting his way through as many others would have or did he actually turned back to avoid confrontation even when he had the firepower to do so.
Those who attempt to distort history need to educate themselves a little. A very worthy statue for a very worthy man!

Recent Comments by Allison

The boom’s on its way!
Can’t believe some of the statements below. Do you all think government jobs will fill the void for over a thousand people that rely on continued development?
There are hundreds directly employed in the building industry and hundreds more that service them. This includes dozens of businesses in this town.
Yet you anti everything crowd believe the best thing to do is sit on our hands.
What a parallel universe you must live in to believe the town can afford to shrink for the sake of some backward self serving ideology.
Development and redevelopment projects is exactly the panacea to current economic problems in Alice. Much or most of this is private investment funds which lifts most of the burden for stimulus away from the tax payer. This is a win win scenario!

The boom’s on its way!
Don’t you just love the typical negative drone from the rusted anti development crowd.
They would prefer Alice to suffer in their dreary outlook than look at the obvious opportunities to make this place vibrant again. The anti everything minority in this town lack vision, logic and sense and we would be best to ignore their dribble.
Good on you Steve, keep fighting the good fight! You might be surprised to know the majority agree with you.

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