Where can we view the plans for the courthouse? I …

Comment on 8 storeys, 600 car parks, builder with Alice roots: Melanka by Tracie Hall.

Where can we view the plans for the courthouse? I am trying to find out what they have planned for parking for all of the workers there plus those needed to go to court plus the other shops and cafe etc?
Where are they all going to park?
It’s interesting too how in one Alice Springs paper we have a story on how the Melanka site has stalled in regard to go ahead with building and another saying things are moving along.

Recent Comments by Tracie Hall

Not all is sweet in bush bakery
Must be another “mate” of the current government.
No tender, no checks, well no worries for the selected few. Great there are now these facilities in the communities but again all paid for with tax money WE provided.
IF Mr Clark thought he had such a great business model why could he not run the business without OUR money?

Govt pays Telstra half for new outback mobile services
I still have trouble downloading a web page through wireless broadband only 14 kms south of Alice Springs’s CBD.
Isn’t there a need for better wireless coverage south of the Gap for those who have a “portable office” (after all that’s why we pay so much extra for wireless broadband rather than home phone line), especially when Kilgariff, one day, gets people living there.
So our tax money is being paid to a company that won’t even provide an acceptable service just up the road from our town. Why not look after businesses that have been paying premium amounts for a sub standard service for over 15 years.
Will the government help Telstra pay for that?

Overpass: Monument to govt. waste nears completion
Anther ridiculous waste of tax payers money that again has done nothing to inject any money into our local economy.
If it wasn’t so stupid somebody would answer questions but they just can’t justify any of it without making themselves look stupid.

Market stalwart a one woman disaster relief organisation
What a great story Erwin. And what an incredible women. Such a generous heart.
I’ll say hi next time I’m there, Maureen, and make a donation.
I’m sure what ever you decide to do with it, it will be towards a needy cause or person.
We are lucky to have people like you in our town.

Empty Mall shops price war, new IGA likely
A shop front, especially a supermarket, will be great for the top end of the mall.
What a shame the new tenants moving into the Plaza are being given such cheap rents when the poor businesses that have been trying to “tuff it out” over the years for so long have been paying premium amounts.
With one business about to open up there I s’pose we should expect him to get cheap rents … or was that free for a certain period, considering who his partner is. As always in this town “it’s not what you know but whom”.

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