This is exactly the sort of thing that the CLP …

Comment on 8 storeys, 600 car parks, builder with Alice roots: Melanka by Maggie D.

This is exactly the sort of thing that the CLP do when they get in – and is the reason they get the boot. Slow learners?

Recent Comments by Maggie D

Traders join forces to tackle gang of girls
But we all KNOW what it’s about.
These kids are set up to harass people so that they leave town and Mparntwe is reclaimed by the original owners.
Don’t forget multiculturalism is only something WE are obliged to practice.
Most Australians are just too dumb to do anything about – so – go and get on the p–s, have a barby and watch as the country your fathers and grandfathers died for in two world wars get pulled out from under your feet.

A new railway station, hotel in Whittaker Street?
I don’t suppose that most of these objections are from people who own competing businesses by any chance?
Alice Springs does have a reason for the railway hotel – the Ghan is very popular and offering tourists a reason to stay longer in Alice is a good idea.
Melanka – visitors may well find new accommodation close to the CBD something they really want.
Both buildings too high? For us yes, but most visitors are used to tall buildings, they are unlikely to be offended.

‘Massive swing’ against Labor in Casuarina – Giles
Poor old Bob Durnan – going off at the deep end because a woman dares an opinion that doesn’t agree with his rather set view of the world – I therefore must receive a lecture, for my own good I expect.
Well, Bobby, let’s examine your flawed logic. Having returned from a trip to Europe and England I see that working men and women ARE turning to UKIP as they feel compromised by UK Labour. It is possible that an alternative to Labor will occur here.
Traditionally, by-elections produce big swings against the government; this didn’t happen, the swing went the other way. Many journalists have reported it thus.
Just because I express an opinion that does not agree with your rigid thought process (as in I’m not a Labor Party zombie) there is no need to lash out and declare that I am “sprouting propaganda”. I could use the same comment against you.
Your other comments about Liberals – or CLP here in the Territory – being the evil bosses and Labor the righteous defenders of good against evil is like something out of a Flash Gordon or Spiderman comic. Do you really believe this yourself? If so, you’re really a bit religious about your beliefs.
I don’t know who Janet is. I don’t have a sister.
Who would have I voted for if I lived in that electorate – probably the doctor – or maybe I would have been just part of the large percentage who are starting to turn their backs on politics altogether.
Anyway Bobby. I’ll just continue to post my comments as I wish and will do so until Labor gets back in and gags me.

‘Massive swing’ against Labor in Casuarina – Giles
You would expect Labor to spin it one way and Libs the other.
However, this is still a big swing against Labor and more importantly, it shows that Labor can’t gain seats without the Greens.
Labor must now swing to the extreme left and adopt the Greens policies to even exist – so that makes it a Green Party, no more, no less.
The Labor Party is no longer a representative of Australian working men and women as the Greens oppose just about everything that would offer stable employment.
It may well be that a new “workers only” political party like UKIP emerges in Australia. It’s Time!

Development office for Alice: Giles
Desert Knowledge should be re-named Desert Bludgers. It’s a closed club for ageing greenies and those not inclined to jobs that contribute to the good of society.
Where are all the REAL conservation organisations?

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