From where I’m standing (the Isle of Wight, England) Alice …

Comment on Town planning: A commission for the people? by Ann Smith.

From where I’m standing (the Isle of Wight, England) Alice Springs looks fine as it is. Are these developers crazy?
Please don’t dump eight storey monstrosities on it. I agree with the previous comments – tourists come BECAUSE there are no ugly high rise boxes!
Also the other comment – they come in with the bigger plan just to scare the pants off everyone then get approval for a smaller version.
You end up with empty buildings targeted by vandals – broken then boarded up windows, graffiti etc!
PS: Although I’ve never been to Alice (but I’d love to one day), I’ve always had a fondness for it as my great aunt Gertie was the second wife of Charles “Pop” Chapman.
I’m so pleased that the site and house at Pitchi Ritchi is being restored. Thank you to the kind people who responded to my earlier request for information on “Pop”.

Recent Comments by Ann Smith

Pitchi Richi work slow because of money shortage
If only I could come and help with the restoration of Chapman House (Pearly Gates).
But I live on the other side of the world in the Isle of Wight UK. My grandmother’s sister, Gertrude Ford, was married to Charles Chapman and they had two daughters. They lived at Pearly Gates. I’d really love to see it!
I wish you every success with the restoration and hope sufficient funds come your way to help complete your task.

‘Pop’ Chapman was quite a character
Three years ago I contacted your newspaper asking for any information about “Pop” Chapman who was married to my grandmother’s sister.
I received several replies and to cut a long story short, I kept in touch online with some of them and I have just had my cousin travel all the way from Paynesville Victoria to the Isle of Wight in the UK to stay with me for a few days!
We had a great time catching up on news of the families neither of us knew we had, and discovered we both shared the same great grandparents!
So, “thank you very much Alice Springs News!”
I’m so grateful to you!

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