What is or would be the purpose of having 8 …

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What is or would be the purpose of having 8 story buildings in Alice?
I don’t see office space needing that much.
I don’t see retail or commercial needing any more.
Is more hotel space required?
Is housing accommodation required?
I would think families would not really want to live in highrise. Maybe only singles or couples without children.
Future FIFO workers would possibly want to live in purpose built facilities nearer to their work and not in town.
There is not all that much to do in town anyway. Just grocery shopping, meeting up for drinks or meals, day to day business activities and some entertainment.
I doubt affordable housing would work in an 8 story building. Firstly the cost of construction would be a lot and then leasing it out or selling the units would have to be somehow subtracted from the expensive development costs.
So making affordable units would surely not work.
I think only some elites and investors would want to live in them.
Some young people might want to live in there and some tourists after a bit of a view.
Who are these highrises going to be built for?
Does the town really need them?
Will they magically solve some crime issues, with more people looking out onto the night streets?
I think one level of retail on the base, with 2 or 3 levels of apartments above would suffice. But 8 levels? Is it really necessary?

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Another nail in the Anzac High coffin
The government are not going to stop this demolition. They are near broke and will see this development through. There is no way work will cease now that the interior of the buildings have been gutted. Even if the NTCAT finds reason for heritage listing there is no way the current situation will be reversed from demolition to remodelling.
I believe this government wants the gallery in town and it won’t stop for nobody. It is almost as if it is a communist government as even on the multi-storey carpark for the hospital it is tight lipped. One cannot even find a single plan on any NT government website. The only mention of such carpark is through various media releases.
I think that the rumour of a developer remodelling / refurbishing the Todd Tavern, Mobil Palms site and the Alice Plaza is likely as that will bring in new economic money to town, but that cannot happen without the gallery being built on what the government sees as a defunct piece of property in a prime position: That is Anzac Hill High School / Anzac Oval.
Even if the rumour isn’t true I would still expect for new investors to buy up properties or lease properties in town once the gallery is built. That is something the government is banking on.
I don’t see the government is wanting to spend money on refurbishing an old high school.
Some actually think that school is an eyesore and not fit for purpose. You could argue all you like with them but heritage or not I don’t see the government even remotely wanting to keep it or fixing it.
The CBD has been crying out for change for a while now and unfortunately the school is what I think is stopping further improvements in town.
A new gallery could be built south of The Gap, but that said I don’t see the government benefiting from it.
My bet is most new investment will be south of The Gap and not in town.
Also, my bet is regardless of how they see the state of the school (in their eyes), I think the government see it as a liability, not an asset.

Don’t mess with our treasures, says Alice
Excellent article, a little long but really necessary as it was very informative and interesting.
I grew up in Alice in the late 80s and 90s but had little knowledge of the Pioneer Walk in Picture Theatre. I only ever knew of the site being always a YHA hostel.
I never had a reason to go inside the hostel and I only saw the place from the exterior.
I thus assumed one day there was potential for it would be demolished and redeveloped.
I never knew that the site was even a picture theatre. I did however always wondered about that feature of the front right hand side of the building but didn’t think about it too much.
I only ever knew of the theatre down near Anzac Oval and the drive in on the south Stuart Highway. Yes, please preserve this little gem now known as the YHA hostel in town. Thank you YHA for buying it instead of that other rival bidder from winning.
Get this building heritage listed before it’s too late. That old house with the nice garden next to Kmart should never have been demolished.
As for the old Alice Drive-In on the south side, I thought I read some where that a mini tornado or large dust devil (whirly wind) destroyed the remaining screen a few years ago.
Housing doesn’t really belong on that site.
If anything it would be nice for the site to get a revival. Have the screen rejuvenated and maybe the land be used for multiple purposes. Movie nights can still be the go. There is a drive in movie theatre still operating on the Gold Coast.
If not profitable the site on the Stuart Highway could still host some nights and draw in new business. Maybe the site could become an open air market place alternative venue for markets? Maybe it is a dark enough location for a star gazing venture?
What ever the path maybe, the community should decide, the council should act and something good should come out of the old drive in. It cannot remain an untouched ghost yard for ever.

Government alcohol policies a giant hangover
@ Kathy. Yes I agree with making buyers go inside the shop to purchase their goods.
How about getting rid of the drive throughs and making people enter the shop on foot?
No more drive through bottle shops for Alice or Tennant Ck.
Also the problem may be that there isn’t enough work in town? Find out why people keep on drinking the way they do? Surely if people held a full time job doing something they liked or was at least had reasonable conditions then surely they would be more responsible poeple and take more care for their kids and themselves.
Or is it just weekend problems?
Then maybe rather than spend the money on a new tourist attraction in town, use that money for more community sports etc?
Perhaps more attention needs to be spent on families and change the way people get paid their allowance?
Instead of people just receiving an allowance, perhaps they can’t get their full allowance unless they can ensure their children are kept in school, prove their children are being fed and cared for etc.
If any particular household or family is not complying to simple compliances then they will just will be banned from buying liquor for say two months. Then everyone else in their community would also have limits placed on take away liquor. The ban could only then be lifted once improvements are made with the community.
The only reason for limiting alcohol to the rest of the community would be to ensure no one has enough liquor to then onsell or give away their share to the household that has been banned for the two months.
The ban could be lifted and modified to a restriction if say after a month the household has made significant changes and or has proven to have either full employment or the person/s are actively participating in full time education or community services. At any time if anyone does a backflip then the ban would be put back into place again and then tightened to three months.
Then throughout the ban term there should always still be incentives in place to keep children in schools and adults to be active with care of children, higher education or maintaining employment. Bans alone will never work.
Punishing isn’t always going to be the answer on itself. If it was the only answer it might just make things even worse.

Bailed juveniles next-door to you soon?
@ Evelyne Roullet: As for the acronyms used by Erwin: AM, NGO and NTG, well, we should all know these without having to spell them out in full. 🙂
Also, my last comment regarding the CEO, my O should have read Officer instead of Office.
So anyway back on topic, hopefully these bailed juveniles will take care of their new accommodation and eventually play a positive role to the local community rather than cause new problems.
I also agree with the first comment by Rosalie.
I would think these juveniles will also be good to their new home, neighbourhood and to society only if they are treated humanely.

Bailed juveniles next-door to you soon?
@ Evelyne Roullet:
Google these abbreviations and you get:
Central Australian Aboriginal Legal Aid Service.
CEO of OCF: Chief Executive Office of the Office of Children and Families (AKA also known as) The Department of OCF.
YJAP: Youth Justice Advocacy Program.

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